K1NG Corporation

K1NG Corporation | Unified all gateways | Engage with global users through any channel | Give customer the best experience | Keep innovating by leveraging insights from the Universe

K1NG Corporation (PT RAJA SURYADARMA MULTIMEDIA) is a fast growing Digital Innovation Provider based in Jakarta – Indonesia. Since 2017, K1NG Corporation has been serving global Clients and innovating in Digital World.

K1NG Corporation Transformation


started the Company as a Cloud Based SMS Bulk & Email Marketing/API Service Provider.

The solution enables businesses to easily manage direct communications to customers in person using API & Cloud Based Application; such as OTP, notifications, promotions, & any other direct personal engagements, which have been adding value to customer experience.

Coming soon in Q1 2021, we will be releasing our brand new Platform – K1NG Universe | a Global Unified Gateway-Channel-CX-Insights Platform.

We believe in our determination that sooner or later digital world can be formed and simplified, to enable digital literation for everyone in the world and to furtherly support more literation such as financial inclusion, to support & digitalize the fintech ecosystem, financial ecosystem, even up to social economy ecosystem, to create a better digital world.


K1NG Corporation: Channels Acquisition | Global Enterprise Channel Provider (SMS Bulk, Email Marketing and API, WhatsApp Business, SMS Location Based Advertising (LBA) & Targeted, Mobile Number & Email ID Validation, E-KYC, Biometrical Technologies, AI Platforms). Digital Innovation Enabler & Provider.

K1NG Universe (Coming Soon): Global Unified Gateway-Channel-CX-Insights Platform

K1NG Online (Coming Soon): The Key to Digital Universe 

yoohoo.id: Marketplace Platform as a Service | for community.

To transform the nation, we need to start from the mindset, then first little valuable step, to become an example, that can be followed by larger ecosystem, and someday it will be the “Digital World in Your Hand” and that is “From Indonesia to the World”.

Million Traffic

Digital Innovation Made Easy

  • SMS Bulk & API
  • SMS Interactive 2 Way
  • Email Marketing & API
  • WhatsApp Business
  • Mobile Number Validation
  • Email ID Validation
  • LBA (Location Based Ads)
  • KTP Verification
  • NPWP Verification
  • Income Validation
  • Mobile Number with ID Verification
  • & many more

Partners & Clients

Partners & Clients
Produk & Layanan

SMS Masking

SMS Reguler

SMS LBA (Location Based Advertising)

Digital Marketing Service

PT RAJA SURYADARMA MULTIMEDIA berkomitmen memberikan Layanan Teknologi
yang Secure, sehingga kami telah tersertifikasi ISO 27001:2013 untuk Information Security Management.